Mindi is moving.  Mindi is a 19 year old from Baltimore, Maryland.  She is going to college and will be moving out of her home with her parents, two younger brothers and pet dog.  This is the first time Mindi has ever moved.  She’s not really sure what she will do!

Let me tell you a bit about Mindi and her family.  Her two parents are both professionals.  Her father is a broker and works in Baltimore and her mother is a piano teacher.  She used to be an elementary school teacher, but once she had Mindi’s two younger brothers seven years ago (they are twins), she retired from her teaching job and began teaching piano lessons in her home.

Mindi’s mom loves to play the piano and wanted to be able to support her family but also be around for her children.  This was an excellent idea, as both the boys suffer from ADHD and are pretty much out of control.  It’s good she has a lot of time to work with them one on one.

So Mindi’s father was adamant for Mindi to go to medical school.  She has the grades and the drive to go to school for another ten years, so why not?  Mindi really did not want to though.  Sh realized that part of it was that her father really just wanted her to fulfill his lifelong dream.  Mindi’s dad had really wanted to be a pediatrician but decided to pursue the career that his parents had wanted for him to.

So several months ago, Mindi got her college letter in the mail and found out she was accepted to Harvard.  She was ecstatic.  She asked her parents if they would support her decision to go to Harvard University and guess what they said?  Duh.  They said Yes.

Mindi began planning for her college life almost immediately.  She went on a huge shopping spree and spent about $2500 at Bloomingdales, her favorite store.  She wanted to go to college and fit in.   And Mindi sure was determined to be the creator of her new and wonderful life.

Well choosing what items and clothing to bring to Harvard was very difficult.  The size of her dorm room was about a quarter of the size of her bedroom.  But her family got a referral and hired a reputable moving and storage service to move all of Mindi’s belongings.  It all worked out in the end.  Mindi got to Harvard safely and so did her stuff.

So now the predicament.  Mindi has moved and what is she going to do?  She barely knows anyone at Harvard except for a few students and fellow classmates she met in class and during orientation.  But it’s very overwhelming.  But Mindi has chosen to document each and every single day at Harvard to cope and so that we (the readers of this blog) can see what Mindi is doing and how she is getting through it all.

Mindi is moved.  And she is very happy and grateful to have her family’s help through this ordeal.  We will keep you posted every day!